Discover all Turkish deserts and spices after amazing Bosphorus Cruise tour!

Bosphorus Cruise and Spice Bazaar Tour

Our driver will pick you up from your hotel and connect you to your guide of the tour.

Istanbul is one of the unique cities with roots going even to Neolithic Age. More excavated, deeper it goes in human history. Rather dramatic and vulnerably, she is turning into a Metropolis minute by minute but still resisting to change. We, her obsessed fans stick to this ancient Love Affair like our ancestors have, their footsteps are still there attracting world travelers, and Bosphorus is one of the reasons for this charm that connects Asia & Europe flowing from The Aegean to Black Sea from antique ages, up and down. The shores of 32 km length has accommodated many cultures, ethnicities, and of Ottoman as last, in marble and wooden houses of architectural legacy by Armenian descend genius masters in three generations.

The Bosphorus Cruise boat tour will be the right spectacular stage to observe this nature and presentation. Great memories guaranteed!

On the tour, the sights are;

Spice Bazaar

Within complex of Yeni Camii with 88 shops-all under same dome reserved the scents of spices, herbs and merchandise of “Silk Road” through ages -a heaven and haven of exotic colors, tastes, lights with sounds of “Living Istanbul”, save some small change for delight and halva will be good with some Turkish coffee at corner. Indulge yourself for some “Baklava” - the famous oriental sweet...


Next is a languorous boat journey on Bosphorus, The most -forever- strategic water way between Europe and Asia that makes Istanbul unique.

Bosphorus Cruise and Spice Bazaar Tour