Visit first bazaar of the world and walk inside back & future in Topkapi Palace!

Half Day Istanbul Tour Afternoon

Topkapi Imperial Palace

(Closed on Tuesdays & replaced with Archeological Museum)

After conquer Istanbul Fatih Sultan Mehmed ordered to build his speacil house where covers 700.000 Msq.

Palace completed in 18 years and today serves as museum which is converted by Ataturk it has sections such as;

Arms and armours, Ceremonial hall, meeting hall, holy relics, balcony, Treasury, dresses section, administrative hall, Kitchen section and audience hall.

Grand Bazaar

(Closed on Sundays & replaced with Spice Bazaar)

Covered bazaar from Ottoman Empire – 1461 as originally survived and where some James bond movies filmed on rooftop.

You have chance to visit 2 parts;

Indoor Part: This part of the bazaar is covered section which is dating back to 1461. It is very nice place to see the Ottoman oriental bazaar where you could find some small souvenirs.

Outdoor Part: This section of the bazaar are surrounded with export houses (free V.A.T and free shipment chance) subsidized by Turkish Government where local and foreign visitors who are looking for real Turkish handicrafts-leather-jewelry which are being sold with certificate and authenticity. You will enjoy your safe bazaar trip in this hassle free part.