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Highlights of Bosphorus


Built in the reign of Sultan I Abdulmecit during the 19th century, this over-ornate palace lies along the European coast of the Bosphorus. Dolmabahce Palace was constructed between 1843 and 1856, mixing different European artistic influences and built by Abdulmecit's architect, Karabet Balya. It was built over three levels, and symmetrically planned, with 285 chambers and 43 halls. It has a 600m long pier along the river, with two huge monumental gates.

The palace is surrounded by well-maintained and immaculate gardens, with an immense 56-columned greeting hall, with 750 lights illuminated from 4.5 tonnes of crystal chandelier. The entrance was used for meeting and greeting Sultans, and opposite the ceremonial hall was the harem. The interior decoration, furniture, silk carpets and curtains all remain with little defect.

The east wing is home to the Museum of Fine Arts.


Galata Tower first was built a lighthouse by the Roman emperor Anastasius (528 A.D). The Latin armies destroyed the Tower in 1204 then the tower was built by Genoese in 1348 after the conquest, the tower owned by the Otomans and renovated in 1453. it was the highest building in Istanbul.

The tower is 69.90 m. It is quite popular among the tourist groups. From the top ever part of İstanbul can be seen also the top floor is used as a restaurant and cafe. It is open everyday.


Prophecy that his beloved daughter would be bitten by a snake on her 18th birthday and die, decides to guard her safety by keeping her confined in this tower in the sea. Despite his efforts, destiny ruled after a basket of fresh grapes was snt to the tower and a a snake hidden at the buttom of the basket delivered the fatal bite.

This ancient tower stands on a rocky out-crop at the entrance to the Bosphorus just offshore Uskudar. It is presently used as a lighthouse. The original tower was built in 12th century by the Byzantine emperor, Manuel Comnenos (1143-1180) who aimed to find a firm foundation for the chain which was used to close off the Bosphorus to sea traffic.

After lots of restorations, the tower was converted into cafe and restaurant. The tower is one of the most popular place for couples or friend groups.


The palace was built by Sultan Abdulaziz between the years 1863-1867 and designed by Armenian architect Nigokos Balyon, it is the last sample of its period. Previously there was a beautiful Ottoman garden garden, ornated by the many kind of flowers and tulips, on the Bosphous. This was a period in which Ottoman sultans used their own building rather than using those of theirs ancertors. The iner walls and the roof were made of wood, the outer walls made of colorful marble.

During the Second Constitutional Monarchy, Sultan Mehmet Resat allowed the parliament to hold their meetings in this building. In 1910 the great fire destroyed the palace then the palace served many years as a football stadium for Besiktas J.K. In 1989 the ruined palace was bought by a Japanese corporation which restored the palace and made a luxury hotel complex. Today, it is also known as Hotel Kempinsky, moreover it is the most expensive hotel in Turkey.


This was built by Bayezit I (1389-1402), long before the conquest of Istanbul, at the end of the 14 century as the first step in bridging the gap to Byzantine lines, and to gain control of the Bosphorus.

It has been variously called "Yenice Hisar", "Akca Hisar", "Guzelce Hisar". There is one main tower, mnmnmwith an inner tower and surrounding battlement walls.

In the 17 century a small mescit-chapel mosque-and open prayer place-namazgâh were added. Mehmet the conqueror built the Rumelihisarı in 1452 and closed the Bosphorus traffic. Today, the fortress is an open air museum.


The city where located between the Europe and Asia, the capital of the empires. Let's explore this unique city from the bosphorus by watching Dolmabahce Palace (1856), Ciragan Palace (1867), Bosphorus Bridge (1974), Rumeli Fortress (1452), Beylerbeyi Palace (1865), Maiden's Tower (24 B.C) and numerious private houses, yachts.

We offer you that escaping from the traffic and enjoying, feeling breeze, saluting the dolphins with your family on the bosphorus with our private yachts at sunset.


It was builted by Sultan Abdulmecid in 1857 and ordered to architect whom is Garabet Balyan and son Nicogos Balyan in baroque style, There was two storey timber palace in the reign of Mahmut 1st.

Difference occured by its walls that on other palaces you can see surrounded by cast iron railings with one gate at four sides.

In interior side it seems like turkish traditional house but as palace;

Marbels are Italian, Crystal Chandeliers from Bohemia, With Curtains, and Carpets from Hereke.

During the time of Sultan Abdulaziz, Some of original garden buildings were demolished.

It took restauration on 1944 and has been opened as Museum.

James bond Film ‘’ The world is not enough ‘’ in some parts served as the mansion of a woman in Baku.


The name was Galatasaray island which is Name of one Soccer team , name was changed as Suada also known as Kurucesme islet by residences that one of the best place to swim (in pool),and get your dinner.

It is reachable by ferries that only 160 meters from coast.

There was otoman Sultan Abdulaziz who ordered to built Dolmabahce palace to architect Sarkis Balyan, and upon that job, Sultan gave this island to that architect and Balyan made pavilion.

In his visit; Russian painter Ivan Aivazovsky stayed in the mansion

So long time used as coal depot and hired by ship transportation company.

In 1957 Galatasaray Sport Club bought this and renovated in that style that you can see on Bopshorus.


It was established on 1845 with the name 'Mektabi Fununu Idadiye' at Macka, now Istanbul technical university is located. War, in 1878 was occured between Russia and Ottoman That school was decided to be hospital.

During World War I, School was moved to Rum Orphanage on Buyukada for immigrants and orphans.

The school became a civilian high school by "Tevhid-i Tedrisat" in 1924 and renamed as "Kuleli Lisesi" Kuleli High School.

It became a military high school again. took its present name in 1925 as " Kuleli Military High School "


The name of palace is derived from the palace of Mehmet pasha whom was the governor of Rumelia during Sultan Murad III.

After wooden palace burntout during Mahmut II time. Sultan Abdulaziz hired architect Sarkis Balyan to built the current palacebetween 1861-1865. It was not resided in permanently but used in summer, most especially for hosting head of the state. Sultan Abdulhamid the second passes his last six years in this palace and passed away in here.


The original mosque was built by Sultan Abdulmecid in 1854-1856. It was designed by architect Garabet Amire Balyan and he used many kind of rococo, baroque, european styles.

This mosque is a Selahattin mosque like the other, with two minarets. The significance of it, is the closest mosque to Mecca in europe. It is original name is "Buyuk Mecidiye Mosque" but it is known as "Ortakoy" the name drives from where it is located. It is just next to the Bosphorus bridge which makes it so popular and the one of the well-known figure of Istanbul.


The island is on the sea of Marmara, it is one of the four islands of Istanbul. The island is closer Asian side of İstanbul. Emperor Justinian I had built a monastery and palace on the island in 569 A.D.There are several buildings on the island such as Aya Yorgi Church and monastery, the Agios Dimitrios Church and Hamidiye Mosque.

Today, about 7,000 people live on the island (Turks, Greeks and Jews). Except service vehicles, other vehicles with motor are forbidden.

Istead of driving or riding you can rent a bcycle or carriage, also you can take a short round-trip (45 min.) by horse carriages. There are lots of restaurants, cafes on the shore, you can spend time.


Rumeli Fortress (Rumelian Castle) is located at the narrowest point of the Bosphorus. It was built by 7th Ottoman sultan Mehmet II (conqueror) in 1452.Before the conquest of Istanbul the sultan and the grand viziers had decided to take control sea traffic at the Bosphorus . Therefore, Ottomans built this fortress on european side which is located opposite of the other fortress on asian side(Anatolian Fortress-1394).They built Rumeli Fortress in 4 months. Ottomans conquered Istanbul in 1453.

Rumeli Fortress has lots of small towers, each has different height. Moreover, Ottomans built the first mosque of Istanbul in this fortress before the conquest. Ottomans had been used it as a castle in order to control the sea traffic for years. After the many renovations the castle has been used as a open air concert, opera and theatre since 1951.Today, the fortress is an open air museum also. The fortress has a beautiful view of bosphorus and it is worth to visit.


It is the third building located in BEBEK was built as house of Arif Efendi as Wooden and lastly Sultan Abdulhamid bought and give as a gift to mother of of pahsa called as Hidiva Emine. Which is called as Hidiv Kasrı. Palace of Emine is given to Egyptian Embassy as a gift. It is renovated in 2008 -2011.

Highlights of Bosphorus Highlights of Bosphorus Highlights of Bosphorus